MAY 11, 2022

RE: Sea to Sky Transit Strike


In an effort to resolve the 14-week long strike and return transit services to the Sea to Sky community, Whistler Transit Ltd./Diversified Transportation (PWTransit) spent all day on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, alongside mediator Dave Schaub, working towards a fair and reasonable resolution to the dispute.

Unfortunately, the parties could not reach an agreement. The Company presented two options to the Union, both of which would restore transit services to the community.

  • Option one contained an agreement on wage increases in year one and year two and met the Union’s demands on pension and benefits. This option also included an agreement that both parties would enter into binding arbitration regarding the wage increases in years 3, 4, and 5.
  • Option two contained higher guaranteed wage increases over the span of the 5-year deal and a conversion from the Company’s defined contribution pension plan to the Union’s preferred, defined benefit pension plan. This option contained benefits that are consistent with what is outlined in the current CBA.

These two options were presented to the Union. We were disappointed when the Union informed the Company that they weren’t prepared to recommend either option to their members and walked away from the table.

At this time, we are exploring all remaining options to restore transit as quickly as possible.

Media Inquiries:

Amaira Hansen
Director, Communications
Pacific Western Group of Companies

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