PWTransit is driven by safety, with a responsibility to care for our passengers, employees, and the public. Environmental protection is one of our guiding principles and we operate the world's largest fleet of emissions-free hydrogen fuel cell buses.


Six Steps to Safety

PWTransit is using the "Six Steps of Safety Management" in all our individual operations as a self assessment tool to measure ourselves against DuPont and other industry safety leaders.

  1. Identify hazards.
  2. Identify the risks associated with those hazards.
  3. Assess the risks according to Frequency, Severity, and Probability
  4. Control the risks through Engineering, Administrative process, and Personal protective equipment
  5. Document the process.
  6. Monitor and review the outcomes.

Using the Six Steps, an assessment is made each quarter to gauge our progress and chart our future course towards being the leader in safety for our industry. Demanding goals are set with the input of managers, department heads, and lead hands so that the goals can be communicated to all Employees in our Division up to and including the newest person on the payroll.

The Six Steps were developed internally and adopted throughout the corporation to enable PWTransit to take advantage of the best safety practices currently being used at any of our operations across Canada. The broad range of experience and qualifications that we as a corporation can bring to bear on a problem, positions us to be an innovator and industry leader in safety.


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