PWTransit is driven by safety, with a responsibility to care for our passengers, employees, and the public. Environmental protection is one of our guiding principles and we operate the world's largest fleet of emissions-free hydrogen fuel cell buses.


Performance Indicators

PWTransit takes pride in providing consistent customer service, and monitoring all aspects of our performance to ensure the quality of the service we provide. These strategies centre on setting targets and tracking performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In conjunction with the financial budgeting process, each system manager is required to develop KPI targets for their operation. These comprise the location's KPIs for the year, against which the location will be measured.

PWTransit's KPI program is introduced to all new employees as part of their orientation. All employees are made aware of the importance of their contribution towards meeting or exceeding the location's Key Performance Indicator targets.


These are the KPIs tracked by PWTransit each month:

  • Preventable and Non-Preventable; Collision rates per million miles
Complaints/Service Issues
  • Complaints: operator/ equipment/on-time/routing/stop/ missed trips/other
  • Unresolved complaint rate
Workplace Safety
  • Reportable injuries and injury rates; Short term disability claims and work days lost to such claims
  • WorkSafe/WCB/WSIB claims, work days lost to claims, average claim length; claims costs
Staff Issues
  • Absences (non-scheduled); Absentee rates; Driver violations (ticketed offences); Turnover rates (percentage)
  • Breakdowns / Roadcalls
Service Statistics
  • Payroll hours; revenue service hours; kilometres traveled; assigned shifts; Custom transit hours of service and passengers carried

The tracking and communication of the KPIs, with our employees and customers, is very effective in ensuring that all of our operations remain on track to meet our contractual obligations. We manage our contracts with the goal of providing consistently excellent service with a focus on safety. We are confident in the effectiveness of this monitoring process and believe that it will enable us to provide high quality and consistent service to the communities we serve and their residents.


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