With over 50 years of operating experience, PWTransit provides conventional and custom transit solutions to a wide range of Canadaian communities.


Whistler Transit

Operating since 1993, Whistler Transit provides over 60,000 Service Hours, serving nearly three million passengers annually. With a team of professional drivers and skilled maintenance specialists, Whistler Transit provides a reliable service seven days a week, 365 days a year, virtually around the clock. Whistler Transit operates and maintains a new fleet of Compressed natural gas (CNG) buses.


Our Buses:

Compressed natural gas (CNG) buses rolled into service as part of a full fleet replacement for BC Transit in Whistler in late 2017. 

CNG buses are part of the federal and provincial funding for BC Transit projects. The benefits of CNG technology are both environmental, and economic. Introducing CNG buses to communities in BC creates operational cost savings and reduces GHG emissions. Each of the new XN40 Xcelsior Flyer buses can carry 36 seated passengers, and 45 standing passengers. 

Provincial, federal and local funding for Whistler also means the addition of improved technology, including: 

 • Real Time capability that will utilize automatic vehicle locators, allowing passengers to know exactly when their bus will arrive (Summer 2018) 

• Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) to improve the safety of passengers and drivers 

• Automatic passenger counters, which will enable BC Transit to optimize service delivery based on informed data For more information about the Whistler Transit System, please visit BC Transit or call 604-932-4020.



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Whistler Transit Ltd.
8025 Nesters Road
Whistler, BC
V0N 1B8

Phone: (604) 938-0388
Fax: (604) 938-0197

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Whistler Transit

Operated since 1993


Services Provided:

Whistler Fuel Cell BusConventional Transit & Custom Transit – During the peak Winter Schedule period, Whistler Transit Ltd. a division of PWTransit employs operators, maintenance personnel, office staff, and operates a combined fleet of 34 buses including transit and regional commuter vehicles. Combined, these systems transport approximately 2.8 million passengers annually. The Whistler Transit System has the highest rides per hour of any Tier One Transit System in British Columbia.

Much of the Whistler Transit System's annual ridership occurs during the winter ski season, and therefore seasonal fluctuations in ridership and service levels result in logistical challenges that are unique to this operation. Whistler Transit operates a 23½ hour service day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Rider's Guide:

Please click here to view Whistler Transit's 'Rider's Guide'.



Community Involvement:


Seasonal events, festivals, school tours

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