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The following are typical job descriptions for positions within PWTransit.


Transit Operator

PWTransit supplies Conventional and Custom Transit operations to many locations across Canada. PWTransit currently has over 400 Transit Operators completing ten and a half million kilometres of safe, high quality and dependable service to almost nine million riders. Some of our locations operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Shifts are selected by seniority in all our locations, but we have a variety of shifts that help bring balance between work and home life. Shift lengths vary, and can mean long periods of sitting behind the wheel. Service commitments to our clients require that shifts are spread over days, nights, weekends and even holidays. The busiest times of our day are rush hours, taking commuters to and from work. In order to get the required buses out on the road providing service at these times, split shifts (pieces of work in the morning and afternoon with up to four hours off in the mid-day) are a reality of our business.



Currently our technicians maintain a fleet of over 250 conventional and custom transit and support vehicles. PWTransit is also the maintenance contractor for the world's largest fleet of hydrogen fuel cell transit buses in Whistler, BC.

Our technicians typically hold trade qualifications such as Heavy Duty or Commercial Transport Technicians, although some of our operations support the Apprenticeship program. These highly skilled Technicians complete government prescribed preventive maintenance, trouble shoot driver reported issues, respond to failures on the road and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the diverse fleet we operate.


Administrative Assistant

PWTransit's office staff is responsible for a wide range of administrative tasks during their day. Many of our locations administrative staff combines the duties of receiving customer service calls and complaints with the tasks of payroll, accounting functions and dispatching all into one days work. Our offices are generally fast pasted and accuracy focused.


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